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Tybee Games



Welcome to the official website of Tybee Games Arcade Boutique! Check out our new site and many gaming products!


We started on Tybee Island, GA in 2015 and have since moved our operations to Loganville, GA, but we are offering more great products than ever, including arcade machines (classic rebuilds and modern PC-based multi-system machines) and plug-and-play consoles with wireless controllers for playing classic games on modern TVs. Also be sure to stop by and like us on Facebook!

We Can Make Your Dream Machine A Reality:

We also make plug-&-play consoles that plug into your HDMI TV and can play thousands of games from arcade, home consoles and handheld systems:

We are the creators of BITSYcade, the smallest arcade made with full-size controls: 

     All you have to do is imagine it. We can build it! Come up with an idea and tell us what you want. We will send you pics of a computer-generated 3D model of your creation for your approval. (For FREE!)

     We have colored joysticks, buttons, trackballs as well as lighted versions of each. Come up with your own artwork design or tell us what you want and we can create it!

     Whether you want a full size PC-based arcade for 2 or 4 players, a bartop machine for 1 or 2, a custom machine with a multicade board inside, our proprietary BITSYcade or one of our plug-&-play consoles, we are proud to be your choice for a true boutique arcade experience in your own home or place of business!

We build custom arcade machines, including classic rebuilds with original arcade PCBs, custom cabs with multiple PCBs, JAMMA-Ready cabs perfect for Multicade PCBs and custom PC-based arcade/console cabs ready for ROMs. 

We Also Make Bartop Arcades:



This custom bartop we made in 2016 plays 520 arcade games.

We built the world's only working Shanghai III machine in 2016.

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