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Arcade Boutique
~ Coin-Op & Custom Arcade Machines for Commercial or Home Use ~
~ Multi-System Retro Gaming Consoles for Use with Modern HDMI TVs ~
~ Made with New Hardware and Materials in Loganville, Georgia ~



Smartphone Gaming Package  ($18.99)

This package combines our proprietary 3D-printed phone cradle with the tiny 8Bitdo Zero bluetooth controller for the best experience in smartphone gaming using emulators or other types of gaming. The 8Bitdo Zero has a Lithium Ion battery that holds an 18-hour charge. Compatible with Windows, Android and MacOS, Bluetooth 4.0.


BITSYcade  ($299)

This Tybee Games innovation is the smallest arcade machine made with full-size controls on the control panel. These little arcade machines are 12 cubic inches, with a 7 inch high-definition screen and play over 7,000 classic games from arcade to console to handheld systems. If you want an arcade machine and space is an issue, BITSYcade is the answer. It fits anywhere! It has a real IL Eurostick joystick, Suzo-Happ buttons, stereo sound and an unbelievable variety of games available. Available in many colors and custom color combinations are available at no extra charge.


System 3 Plus  ($199)

This is our latest multi-system, retro gaming console that plugs into modern HDMI input televisions and allows you to play all your favorite classic games with modern bluetooth controllers. Currently over 8,000 games from 27 systems are available for play on the System 3 Plus, from arcade to consoles to handheld systems, from the 1970s up to the first decade of the 21st century. (SEE MORE)

This is a combo of current high-end PC components put together in an affordable package that allows you to play all the modern PC games that have high system requirements. This will be a solid gaming PC for many years to come. Windows 10 Pro and a choice of top PC games included!
~CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 3.7GHz 8-Core Processor (4.3GHz Max Boost)
~GPU: Asus GeForce GTX 1060 Overclocked Dual-Fan 6Gb GDDR5
~RAM: 16Gb DDR4-2400
~Drives: 480Gb Solid State Drive AND 2Tb Hard Drive

(SEE MORE) [Product page under construction.]

3D-Printed Steering Add-On  ($10)

Classic Arcade Rebuilds  ($500-$1600)

We design and build custom cabinets around authentic classic arcade game boards with new hardware to keep the old games alive. We currently have 18 arcade PCBs in stock and we have built the world's only working Shanghai III arcade machine in a custom dedicated bartop cabinet. These can be operated for money in a commercial environment or setup for freeplay with a coin button. Games are only limited by PCB availablility and we can also put up to 6 arcade PCBs in one cabinet with a switcher to select which you want to play.
(SEE MORE) [Product page under construction.]

Tybee Games Handheld  ($199)

We are designing and will soon be producing our own proprietary handheld system (working title: GoldPlayer) that can play thousands of games from arcade to console to handheld systems. We are 3D-printing the cases and outfitting them with the same microcomputer technology that powers our System 3 Plus. More info to come on this awesome new product in late 2018.

Tybee Games Custom Gaming PC  ($1299)

Custom Arcades  ($1199-$2399)

We design and build custom cabinets that contain custom PCs with a menu system that can launch and play thousands of games from arcade, console and handheld systems. 32" LCD screens, booming stereo sound, classic arcade controls and a custom-printed illuminated marquee made to your specs. The ultimate arcade machine for your home!
(SEE MORE) [Product page under construction.]

System 3 DX  ($275)

This is the deluxe version of our System 3 Plus with a custom case (several versions available) and 8Bitdo NES-30 Pro bluetooth controllers. Currently over 8,000 games from 27 systems are available for play, from arcade to consoles to handheld systems, from 1975-2008.

Multicades  ($899-$1199)

We build custom cabinets for multicade arcade PCBs that contain multiple games (from 60 to 3,000), 19" LCD screens and industry standard arcade controls. They can be coin-operated or freeplay. These are not authorized for commercial use, but are perfectly legal to operate in your own home.
(SEE MORE) [Product page under construction.]

19-in-1 Arcade Console ($299) (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

This exlcusive arcade console plugs into any HDMI TV and plays 19 games that require certain controls that are either hard to emulate or control with other devices. Includes: Defender, Stargate, Bubbles, Robotron 2084, Rally-X, Mario Bros., Ghosts'N Goblins, Gradius, Super Mario Bros. and 10 more classic arcade games. These are not on our 5000-in-1!

Mephisto Jr. - Underworld Vigilante (FREE!)

In 2011, Dennis Robinson programmed one of the most fiendishly difficult PC games of all time. We are making this available for free on the website for the first time ever! It has 5 increasingly long & tricky levels, each culminating in a battle with an over-the-top character (also voiced by Dennis), save feature & cheats menu reward for beating it. (PC Download)

Anbernic RG-351P Handheld Device ($130-150)

This 256Gb version of the mighty Anbernic RG-351P is a Tybee Games exclusive! This contains over 11,000 games spanning 36 game systems including: consoles, handhelds, retro computers, arcade and more. Package includes: Wi-Fi dongle, OTG adapter, carrying case, charging cable, glass screen protector (pre-installed), 64Gb stock card AND our exlcusive 256Gb card. (7 SYSTEMS IN STOCK!) (SEE MORE)

This is a 3D-printed rack-and-pinion steering mechanism for console controllers that makes driving and racing games much more realistic. We are making these to precisely fit XBOX One, PS4, PS3, XBOX 360 and several generic controllers as well. We use high-quality ball bearings to provide a smooth-controlling steering experience. Available in several colors. (SEE MORE) [Product page under construction.]

EDIT 07/09/23: ITEMS BELOW OUT OF STOCK. New info on future products coming soon! 

5000-in-1 Arcade Console ($299) (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

This is another Tybee Games exclusive currently under construction and has almost reached painting phase. It contains the Pandora Box DX 5000-in-1 game board, with a mix of Arcade, NES, SNES, Genesis & PS1. Plugs into any HDMI TV and wall outlet. Cables are shrink-wrapped together and have a carrying case. 2-player setup with 2" trackball. (More info coming.)

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